Recipe: Bear Butter

We’re insane for nut butters… so much so that we even launched a kickstarter years ago for a nut butter company (fail, lol!). We used to eat a big serving of our nut butter for lunch with an apple every day for YEARS. It was great, but through a process of iterating and optimizing, we’ve moved into a new dietary territory.  

As much as I’d love to chow on cashew butter all day long, the carbs are just too high and it will reliably mess up my groove (and often my GI tract). Instead, I opt for raw walnuts and pecans. Keeping them raw helps to reserve the vulnerable fats and, since both are very low carb, I can eat much more of it without concern.

Bowls : East Fork.  Table runner : Rough Linen.

Bowls: East Fork. Table runner: Rough Linen.

Enter Bear Butter. This stuff is a killer source of healthy fats and is insanely delicious. It’s also much easier to make than almond butter or cashew butter because the fats release much sooner. Escher feasts on it over celery every day for lunch, and we all have it with coconut butter for dessert. Enjoy!



Bowls : East Fork.  Table runner : Rough Linen.

Bowls: East Fork. Table runner: Rough Linen.


  • Add the nuts to a food processor and blend until the fats begin to release and the mixture begins to smooth out (a few minutes).

  • Add in the cacao butter and blend till incorporated.

  • Taste and add more cacao butter as needed to remove any bitterness.

  • Add in the cacao nibs and blend till incorporated (leave it chunky, though!).

To make the entire dessert bowl, add a spoon of bear butter + a spoon of coconut butter, sprinkle with cacao nibs and maybe a bit of alcohol-free vanilla and some C8 oil on top and voila!

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