cleaning & laundry



Dyson V10 or V6 Absolute

For a tiny house, a dyson is absolutely essential. The reality is that you will probably spend a lot of time sucking up dust in your tiny, since there's not a lot of space but just as much fabric. We started out with some crappy hand-vac and wasted countless hours trying to make it work. Do yourself a favor and upgrade from the start.

Public Goods

Our go-to for cleaning supplies (and a lot of other home supplies). They're a direct-to-consumer brand with a paid membership and no additional margin on their products. They've been rolling out food products recently but we've been a little disappointed in those. We generally buy all of our household cleaners and soaps from Public Goods, as well as their dryer balls and essential oils. We also love their cotton totes and reusable kitchen bags… and their wet wipes are seriously the best!


Spencer’s been a stay-at-home dad for a few years now… after trying many different approaches, he’s perfected the art of laundry.

The perfect wash includes eco-friendly products (when possible), no artificial or unwanted fragrance, and leaves you with soft, fresh clothing that feels like it’s been lovingly washed by a French handmaiden.


daily washes:

· Biokleen Liquid Laundry detergent (wash cycle)

· Baking Soda (wash cycle)

· White vinegar (rinse cycle)

· Wool dryer balls + essential oils when desired (dry cycle)

· Oxyclean stain remover (as soon as the stain hits!)


deep whitening sheets

· Rit Whitening (super hot water, soak for 30-60 minutes in the sink)

· Follow-up with the daily laundry routine w/ another packet of Rit in the drum

It's simple and it's also incredibly effective – our clothes come always out so fresh and so clean! Even Bela's most delicate dresses come out feeling perfect and we're always left with just the fresh smell of the fabric