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It's difficult to describe a healthy diet, because even with respect to macros it will be seasonal. We tend to keep a cyclical ketogenic diet (6 days keto, 1 day 100gs of slow-carbs), with a 4-6 hour eating window and extended fasts on a monthly basis. It may sound like a mouth-full, but it's actually very easy since it involves so much time spent NOT eating. 

We've narrowed down a bunch of grocery products that stand above the rest in terms of quality and healthfulness. Obviously, this excludes fresh produce, eggs, and meats!

The following stores tend to be our go-to's:

  • Amazon Subscribe and Save: Subscribe and Save can also be combined with coupons, so always be sure to check for those. It can make a big difference when you're buying in bulk

  • Vitacost: they regularly run 20% discounts on food and their prices are already very competitive.

  • Thrive Market: this one requires an annual membership, but you get 25% off on your first order and they generally run good sales. It’s worth the cost of admission if you manage it well. 

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our favorite food products

—————————————————————————————————————--After a lot of searching and testing, these are our favorite products and generally the least expensive. (Where they aren't the least expensive, they generally out-perform the less expensive options.)

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————— Oils, Coffee, Tea, Salt —————

· French Gray Sea Salt

· Cold-brew Coffee & Matcha Tea

· Grass-fed Ghee & C8 MCT Oilfor salads, topping "desserts", & bulletproof coffee

————— Nuts & Seeds —————

Coconut Butter // Cashew Butter

Walnut Butter // Almond Butter

Macadamia Nuts // Hemp Seeds

————— Desserts & “Sweets” —————

Stevia Vanilla Flavoring & Cacao Nibs



Collagen Peptides: We drink this daily. It’s just a bunch of amino acids… so don't think this will change your life. Think of it as a nutritional buffer to support collagen production.

Meriva: Curcumin -- a very effective anti-inflammatory.

Sleep Nighttime Powder & Jarrow Sleep Optimizer: The first is better for sleep latency (falling asleep faster) and the latter is more helpful for staying asleep all night. Generally, we use the first every night and the second only while traveling.

extra Supplements:

  • Whey Protein Isolate, Unflavored: convenient after lifting or HIIT (dietary protein quickly activates mTOR pathway for protein synthesis), but you could just opt for a high-protein meal instead.

  • Exogenus Ketones: helpful in supporting extended fasts.

  • Electrolytes: Very important when first starting a ketogenic diet… moderately important once you've adapted.