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For us, moving into a tiny house was incremental. First, we gave up our lease and sold all our furniture to spend more time traveling. We rented Airbnbs when we needed to, picked up housesitting gigs, added in a little camping here and there. We’re big into lifestyle experimentation and we saw our high cost of living in the Bay area as an opportunity to do a housing experiment. We wanted to know what life would be like without a lease.


a beautiful mess

We started thinking about tiny homes as a way to beat housing costs in the San Francisco Bay area. Why rent a tiny apartment for thousands of dollars when we could buy a luxury tiny home for way less? In our mind, this was a long-term investment, even if we only end up living in it full-time for a few years…



“Our entire approach from the beginning was to design a tiny house that never, at any point, felt like one,” shares Wright. “If you wrote down all the details on paper, it would not sound like a tiny house.”

King-size bed? Check. Full-size refrigerator? Check. Dishwasher? Check. Their tiny home was designed to have nine distinct living spaces…